Qualified Personnel

Experience – Doug Ries has been in the entertainment business since 1978.

Professionalism – Doug Ries is not only a top quality DJ & Entertainer, he is also a professional music programmer and event organizer.

Value – Flip Disc Productions is an investment rather than an expense. You will get a greater return in entertainment value than the fee you are paying. You will find no greater value in the area. Please see our 25 Things to Ask When Choosing a DJ

Music Selection – Flip Disc Productions carries an incredible library of both music and videos to all events. We use a 2 terabyte hard drive to hold a large library of top quality music. We have music from the early forties through the hottest hits of today. All music and videos are edited for content.

Appearance – Doug Ries will perform in proper attire, well groomed and even smelling good at your function. The equipment is also important in appearance. We have a very strict maintenance program that is carried out on a weekly basis. You won’t see unsightly wires hanging off the table which seems to be typical for many DJs these days.


Quality – Flip Disc Productions uses only top name brand sound, lighting and video equipment including the professional line of BOSE speakers. Our wireless microphones are extremely high quality.

Versatility – Just as buying a luxury car, Flip Disc Productions is loaded with options. You can add additional lighting, video systems, magic, and sideshow stunts.

Personality – Doug has worked as a DJ, MC and Magician in every possible venue because of his speaking ability and personality. He is an extremely likeable person with a great sense of humor.

Skill – Doug is experienced in club work and carries the proper equipment to every event to do club mixing which really adds to the dance floor energy.

Play List – Doug is also a professional music programmer. He knows what to play and when to play it for the optimal party experience. He wants to provide the music that will get your guests on the floor and keep them there. We do take requests because it’s important to hear the music that you and your guests enjoy.  You will hear the appropriate music for your event. What you won’t hear is music unfit for your occasion or music with explicit lyrics. We will not play any music you told us not to.