Things to Ask Your DJ

Doug is our DJ and has have been entertaining and organizing events since 1978.
Yes, Flip Disc Productions does only 1 event at a time.
Yes, Doug is also a show producer, professional MC and world class magician.
Yes, Doug makes sure all the professionals are coordinated at the event.
Yes, this is important to you and insures you the DJ operates safely.
Yes, we use all top line professional equipment including

  • Wireless Sure Microphones
  • Bose speakers
  • Audio Processing Equipment
  • Stage Lighting.
Yes, you never know when electronics will fail.  All back up equipment is professional grade and ready for use if necessary.  We also carry a backup computer & hard drive  so we are prepared for any mis-haps
Yes, We maintain equipment on a minimum weekly basis to make sure it is working well and top shelf in appearance.
Yes, We have several lighting options, video options and many other things to make your day the way you want it.
Yes, appearance is important.  We dress in a modern day classy attire (no outdated cumber bun) unless otherwise requested by you.
Yes, all wires are hidden and properly taped down where needed with black gaffers tape.  Appearance and safety are very important to us.
No, this is your event.  We are there to provide a service for you & your guests — not to advertise.  If a guest wants to talk business they take a card and call us on our time not yours.
Best price will lead to disappointment on your most important day.  Our prices are set so we can provide you the best value.  You won’t find better quality service for less.
Yes, we do as many requests as possible but won’t play requests that aren’t proper for your event.
Absolutely, we want to know what your favorite songs are and we are happy to include them at the proper times.
Yes, this is important.  We don’t want to play something that may bring back a bad memory.
Yes, the week of the event a detailed time line will be put together, approved by you then distributed to all the professionals for proper coordination.
Yes, it’s important for us to know your wants, needs and expectations.. We want to make YOUR dream a reality.
Yes, this helps prevent surprises — you should insist on a contract from any professional.  This locks in the date and guarantees what you are receiving for your money.
Once you make a verbal commitment we will hold the date for 10 days.  Then the signed agreement and deposit locks in your date
We work with the biggest entertainment agencies in the Pittsburgh area which gives us access to 100s of professionals to cover for us in case of illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

Our replacement will honor the original contract price and will be approved by you if time allows.

No, we wouldn’t invite a stranger to your private event.  If a DJ answers yes to this, run. However, if we we are doing a public event you are more than welcome to attend.
Yes, as long as the venue permits the extension of time.
Return your documents on time. Feel free to contact us with any questions on anything concerning with your event.
No, our DJ is a nonsmoker so you don’t have to worry about smoke breaks, bad breath or stinky clothes.  A diet cola or glass of water is sufficient refreshment

Thoughts from Our Own DJ FlipDisc