Perfect Performance Platform – Custom


Custom built and priced for each individual performer.

The PPPP is a custom built unit with a 24” x 48” x 8”high raised platform and a large 22” x 46” Duraslite surface trimmed in oak which has adjustable height and can tilt 5 deg. Forward for the serious close-up worker.  The framework is powder coated for durability.

You can add any of the following:

  • Internal sound system
  • Dimmable halogen lighting
  • Overhead mirror trimmed in oak
  • Sliding under table shelf
  • Skirting
  • Ship bell
  • Overhead mirror
  • Overhead  camera
  • Shipping case
  • LCD overhead monitor.

SKU: Stage144


Everything including the mirror, sound system, lighting, framework and table packs into the base which has two wheels and a handle for easy portability.  The unit as shown here is 8’ high when set up and weighs 95lbs.

Let us know what you need and we’ll design and build it for you.  We have shown you standard options but are not limited to these items.


The PPPP is a great idea for the working magician.  It’s a slick design (with a build in sound system) that will help you generate bigger crowds and more clients at the same time.  Congratulations Doug on designing a Perfect Portable Performance Platform for the working Pro!    Paul Gertner


It got a huge crowd instantly and generated a real sensation throughout the room. It was easy to work on and I like the idea that the table surface is adjustable so you don’t hurt your back while you’re working. It should sell well for you for many types of venues not just trade shows.  Bob Sheets